Motor Vehicle

Insurance of motor vehicles is compulsory according to the Third Party Ordinance; a vehicle owner must affect a policy of insurance covering his or her liability at law for personal injuries to third parties. Company Vehicles: Ther

House Owner/Holder

This policy is specifically designed to provide cover for the contents of a defined building as well as valuables both against theft and fire risks. The policy provides insurance against perils, subjects to terms, exceptions, and conditions of the common form of poli

Fire/Extraneous Perils

A standard Fire Policy merely grants cover for loss or damage resultant upon the incident of fire and/or lightning. In view of the several exclusions and in order to provide an adequate scope of cover under this insurance, we recommend that such fire insurance be ext


This is a special class of insurance that provides a comprehensive cover for Computer Equipment and Accessories. This class of insurance is new in the Nigerian market and is presently written only by a few reputable insurance companies.

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This policy covers loss or damage due to burglary or theft involving entry into premises by forcible or violent means, including , the single article limit would have to apply during claims.