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    Pension Managers

    You can secure your future and that of your family with our pension scheme.

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    Motor Vehicle Insurance

    It's bad enough your car crashed, join our plan so you don't need to worry about getting it fixed.

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    Computer Insurance

    The first-ever in Nigeria to have an insurance that covers your computer

Motor Vehicle

Insurance of motor vehicles is compulsory according to the Third Party Ordinance; a vehicle owner must affect a policy of insurance covering his or her liability at law for personal injuries to third parties. Company Vehicles: There are four different covers offered by the insurance companies namely; Comprehensive, Third Party Only, Third Party Fire, and Theft and Act Only cover. In the


This is a special class of insurance that provides a comprehensive cover for Computer Equipment and Accessories. This class of insurance is new in the Nigerian market and is presently written only by a few of reputable insurance companies. The covers provided by the policy are as follows: Accidental damage. Breakdown. Consequential loss including Loss of Gross Prof

Mayfair Brokers was formed in 1984 as an Unlimited Liability Company under the provision of the Insurance Decree 1976 and duly registered to operate as Insurance Broking Company.

The company has since established itself as a fast growing indigenous Insurance Brokering Firm manned by a competent and experienced team of dedicated professionals who believe in providing high quality service to its numerous clients. Mayfair Brokers is a Corporate Member of the Nigerian Corporation of Insurance Brokers, the official umbrella of Insurance Brokers.